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      Key Words: Convergence; Digitization; Multi-platform approach; Print media; [2]
      Key words: Corporate Social Responsibility, Organizational Performance and Practice. [1]
      Key Words: Credit assessment process, repayment, commercial banks loans, South Sudan, Credit risk identification, credit risk analysis, credit approvals, credit risk monitoring. [1]
      Key Words: Employees, Performance, Customer Service Quality [1]
      Key Words: Innovation, Differentiation, Cost Leadership, Focus Strategy, Competitive Advantage, Bank [1]
      Key Words: Innovation, Innovation Strategy practices, Performance [1]
      Key Words: Internet of Things (IoT), Technology, Education, Infrastructure [1]
      Key Words: Leadership style, Resource availability, small and medium enterprises [1]
      Key Words: Organisational Leadership Styles, Change Management, Telecommunication Industry, Telkom Kenya. [1]
      Key Words: Psychological, Recreational, Rehabilitation, Street Families, Training [1]
      KEY WORDS: Staff competence, Process monitoring, Automotive industry, Battery manufacturer [1]
      Key Words: Strategic Planning, Change Management, Telecommunication Industry, Telkom Kenya. [1]
      Key words: strategic planning, organizational performance [1]
      Key)words:)External,!business,!environment,!services,!mediation,!small,!medium,!enterprises,!performance) [1]
      Keywords Technological innovation, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Growth, Innovation [1]
      Keywords: Corporate Governance, Direction, Leadership, Legitimacy, Performance [1]
      Keywords: Entrepreneurial Orientation, External Business Environment, Internal Environment, Business Development Services, Firm’s performance [2]
      Keywords: Filling procedure, accountability, tax compliance and SMEs [1]
      Keywords: Governance principles, Student leadership, Student unrest, Public University [1]
      Keywords: Information Communication Technology, Innovation Policy, Staff Training, Skills Management, Service Delivery [1]