About the Repository

The MUA Repository collects, makes available, and preserves in digital format the scholarly output created by the HKUST community. Its interface provides for easy self-archiving by faculty, and organizes the documents in logical, easily retrieved fashion.

The Repository uses Eprints, a software developed at the university of Southampton, which complies with the Open Archives Initiative (OAI); thus allowing articles to be easily discovered by web search engines, services, and indexing tools, such as Google Scholar, Elsevier's Scirus and OAIster.

The Repository, launched in 2014, is the first of its kind in Kenya.

Benefits for the University community

The IR not only provides barrier-free access to researchers worldwide, it also brings advantages to the University and the contributing authors:

- Provides open and perpetual residence for research output, using a robust, standard compliant infrastructure.

- Enhance access to and visibility of MUA research;

- Enhance communication and exchange by providing simple and persistent links to individual items as well as authors' research portfolio.

- Serves to establish priority of ideas and intellectual property by registering the work with a date stamp.

Contact Information

Any correspondence concerning this specific repository should be sent to [error in script]. To submit your work, or for more information, contact:

Jackson Kimani
Systems Librarian
Phone: 02023611680